Hello, I’m Penelope Milner a professional, prize winning artist, passionate about teaching and sharing my love of art with anyone who has the motivation and enthusiasm to learn.

I am offering one to one personal tuition.

The advantage of this way of learning is that I will be able to give you feedback on the drawings and paintings you produce at home and help you to move forward with your own personal creativity.

I am happy to take beginners as well as more experienced artists. The course can be tailored to you.

Our first contact will be through a skype call where we can discuss your needs and how many sessions you would like. I will then put together a proposal to be agreed before we begin.

You may choose a package of three lessons or opt for a whole course of 10. We will decide in advance a timetable for our sessions; between once a week and once a month. I advise for the students that this is regular, to help with your motivation in moving forwards.

As we progress we can build up a relationship based around your art.

Each lesson will consist of a demonstration video accompanied by exercises to work on in your own home. In a one to one tutorial, I can then offer a critique of your work, suggesting exercises to help you develop. We may study other artist’s work that you admire for particular aspects such as composition and colour.


  1. In a pastel course over three lessons, I can guide you through improvements in your portrait and figure drawing; achieving volume through light and shade, considering backgrounds,

looking at anatomy and proportion. 150€

  1. In a 10 lesson course we will start with the basics of line and shading, beginning with the basics. We can then move on at your own rhythm to colour mixing and painting themes which fascinate you: landscape, figure, portrait, townscape etc. 450€

please contact me by e.mail at penelopemilner@gmail.com


‘Penny manages to integrate basic methods alongside creative work.
She delivers key messages subtly within the context of the course rather than with a sledgehammer. Consequently, I find that I learn a great deal by doing and being guided by Penny to think about why particular approaches work or don’t work.’

‘I have great admiration for her own work and she has taught me SO much and given me confidence to develop my own style – always encouraging, with constructive criticism.’

‘Penny uses her considerable talent as both artist and teacher to support her student’s and in doing so uses a generous dose of humour which makes for a very good all-round experience’

‘Thank you Penny for opening my eyes to the world of pastels!”

5 Thoughts to “Join me for online courses”

  1. Dear Penny
    I would be delighted to join in your sessions/videos especially the portrait one. Gus has been in touch with me to let me know about them and as I probably won’t be able to come to France this summer I would love to take advantage of your wonderful offer. Let me know how I should proceed.
    Very very best wishes and stay safe in these peculiar times.


    1. Dear Suzy, Thank you for getting in touch. As you can see, I have changed the formula after much consideration, and I’m afraid it is now more expensive. I wanted to give a proper learning/teaching experience, and realised that I needed to take this seriously in terms of work and remuneration. I will of course be refunding you for the July art course deposit, now that we are unable to travel. I understand that you are mainly interested in the portrait session. I was hoping that people would like to follow the whole course, but you could just join me in June if you wish. What do you think?

  2. Hello Penny,
    That sounds like a really good idea. I think it would suit me as I tend to lose motivation working on my own at home. It will be so good to have your comments and suggestions to keep me going! Like Suzy, I would love more help with portrait painting.

    I’d definitely like to be included ….what happens now?!!!!
    Love Jean

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